JS Global Vidhyamandhir | CBSE School in Thiruporur OMR

Today marked a significant step forward for JS Global Vidhyamandhir, an upcoming CBSE School in Thiruporur along the OMR, as we inaugurated our school office amidst the ongoing construction of our new building in Janani’s Kandhan Kottam Phase 2. Led by our esteemed chairman, Dr. S. P. Senthil Kumar, and correspondent Ms. Janani Senthilkumar, a simple yet heartfelt pooja ceremony blessed our new space, symbolizing a humble beginning rooted in tradition. The presence of our respected chairman and correspondent, alongside the participation of eminent individuals, friends, and well-wishers, added warmth and encouragement to the occasion. Their presence underscored the community’s support and belief in our endeavor to establish a quality educational institution in and around Thiruporur.

As part of the JS Global Group, known for its commitment to education, JS Global Vidhyamandhir joins the ranks of two esteemed institutions: JS Global School in Sholinganallur and JS Global Academy in Kallakurichi, the native district of our own Chairman. These institutions have set a precedent for academic excellence and innovation, inspiring us to uphold the same standards of quality education here in Thiruporur.

As we take these initial steps, we extend our gratitude to all who joined us, offering their good wishes and support. With this ceremony, we embark on a journey guided by our commitment to providing exceptional education to the children of Thiruporur and its surroundings. While our building is yet to be completed, our dedication to fostering a nurturing learning environment remains steadfast. We eagerly anticipate the day when our doors will open to welcome students into a space designed to inspire growth, curiosity, and achievement. JS Global Vidhyamandhir CBSE School’s office inauguration marks the beginning of a promising chapter in our educational journey. With determination and community support, we look forward to realizing our vision and making a positive impact on the lives of our students and the broader community.

For admission, visit: www.jsglobalvidhyamandhir.org/admission