JS Global Vidhyamandhir | CBSE School in Thiruporur OMR


JS Global Vidhyamandhir is a proud endeavor under the esteemed JS Global Group of Institutions, a trusted name in education. Our vision is to build upon this legacy by establishing a thriving educational institution south of Chennai. We aim to provide the students of this region with access to an educational experience that nurtures their potential and fosters lifelong learning.


Our mission at JS Global Vidhyamandhir is clear and compelling. We are dedicated to delivering a holistic and well-rounded education that not only imparts knowledge but also builds character. Through a dynamic curriculum, we aspire to empower our students with the skills, values, and creativity required to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Our mission is to inspire, innovate, and ignite the minds of our students.

Led by a Visionary Couple

Chairman Dr. S. P. Senthil Kumar & Correspondent Mrs. Janani Senthilkumar

The visionary couple behind JS Global School, our esteemed chairman and correspondent, are committed to the noble cause of making quality education accessible to all. Through the Chinna Ponnu Ammal Memorial Trust, they have established this school as a means of giving back to society, recognizing the transformative power of education in shaping the future. Their vision is to create an educational environment where students not only excel academically but also develop essential 21st-century skills, fostering a passion for lifelong learning. Their dream of combining a truly international perspective with strong Indian roots reflects their dedication to preparing students to thrive in an ever-changing world. We are grateful for their leadership and look forward to their continued guidance as we work together to nurture and educate the next generation.

Sridevi Gopalakrishna Reddy


Rosalind Priyadharshini

Vice Principal

JS Global Group of Institutions

@ Chennai

JS Global School is located on the IT corridor of Chennai – OMR. As one of the leading international schools in the city, JS Global School offers IGCSE syllabus, with a focus on enriched instruction and innovative organization, promoting collaboration, open exchange of ideas, and free movement among our students.

@ Kallakurichi

JS Global Academy is close to the heart of our Chairman, Dr. S. P. Senthil Kumar. It’s located in his native Kallakurichi District and is open to all students from the area. This institution fulfills his dream of bringing top-quality education to his hometown, as a way of giving back to his community.

@ Thiruporur

JS Global Vidhyamandhir is a newest addition to our group of institutions, set to inaugurate from the academic year 2024-25 at Thandalam Village in Thiruporur along the OMR. As an educational group with a track record of excellence, our Founder is excited and looking forward to replicate our past success.